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Several Patio Group Holdings, Including Saska’s, Come Up for Grabs

The Patio on Lamont is also for sale


The fallout from last summer’s headline-making civil suit brought against local restaurateur Gina Champion-Cain and her real estate company American National Investments (ANI), which resulted in the shutter or restructuring of all of The Patio Group’s restaurants and related businesses, continues with a number of its high-profile properties just going up for sale.

They include the currently-closed Himmelberg’s, the 3,750-square-foot, two-level sports bar and restaurant at the corner of 10th and J in the East Village that launched last March after the group shuttered Harvest by the Patio, as well as the 1,257-square-foot cafe space that was formerly the Mission Beach hub of Swell Coffee Co. The available portfolio, which also features two parking lots in the Mission Beach area, extends to two longtime restaurant locations that are still up and running. Last September, the Cohn Restaurant Group temporarily took over operations of The Patio on Lamont, a Pacific Beach dining mainstay that sits on a 6,525-square-foot parcel that has the potential for additional residential units. Another landmark restaurant, Mission Beach steakhouse Saska’s, is also available; the 2,740-square-foot, nearly 70-year-old icon was refreshed and reopened by Champion-Cain in 2017.

The properties may be sold through an auction, with interested parties able to bid on individual or multiple venues. Bill Shrader and Joe Brady, the Urban Property team at Colliers International San Diego Region, are handling all inquiries.