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Handsome Hand-Built Coffee Bar Moves Into Morena District

Claro Coffee brings a dose of craft coffee to the neighborhood

Housed in an industrial area off Morena Boulevard in the same complex as Deft Brewing, Claro Coffee is making waves for its notable design as well its coffee program. It grew out of the adjacent Made Lumber Supply, a resource for live edge slabs and custom furniture. All of Claro’s owners previously worked as woodworkers at the local shop and the entire cafe is crafted from its namesake wood — Claro walnut — a rare and native California tree.

Built by Made Lumber Supply in collaboration with designer Megan Georgopoulos, the space is a showcase for its handmade furniture and provides a stylish setting, including a wall collage of famous people drinking coffee. Its menu is powered by Sorrento Valley roaster Zumbar Coffee & Tea, and features several speciality coffee drinks created by co-owner Jorge Diaz that reflect his Cuban heritage including the Cuban classic Café con Leche. Other lesser-seen beverages include the Spanish Café Bombom, a combo of espresso and sweetened condensed milk, and the Mazagran, which is a refreshing mix of cold brew, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Open from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, the cafe currently offers pastries from Bread & Cie but plans to expand its food options over the next month or so.

Claro Coffee

5334 Banks Street, San Diego, CA 92110