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Oceanside Coffee Roaster Planning Beer and Wine Bar

Revolution Roasters is expanding beyond coffee

Emery Photo

South Oceanside’s Revolution Roasters has been a coffee fixture in the area since it opened back in late 2015. The coffee comes roasted from a facility in the back of Coffee Coffee in Leucadia, and in addition to mixing up java concoctions like affogato and butterscotch lattes, Revolution also offers fresh pastries and avocado toast. And now, the coffee house is aiming to take the next step by taking over the retail space next door. “We knew that we needed to expand our back of house production space,” general manager Isabel Emery told Eater. “We’re bursting at the seams here.”

In addition to doubling production space for coffee roasting and baking, Revolution also plans to open a beer and wine bar connected to the cafe. The exact menu hasn’t been determined yet, but the crew is planning on bringing in some favorites brews. “I love IPAs, and we’ve got people who are really big into wine,” says Emery. Plus, she adds that owner Miriah Scheibe is a fan of kombucha, so that’s a possibility as well. The extra bakery space will also expand the food menu a bit, but not too far away from the cafe standards currently on offer — Emery says the team’s pastry chef is excited to put together “a full run of croissants,” for example.

While the expansion will likely move its coffee roasting hub up from Leucadia, brewing their own beer and wine on site isn’t “part of the plan right now,” according to Emery. But the company does plan to offer some of the best of local breweries. “San Diego has such an amazing beer culture,” she says, “and there’s so many incredible things to try and to have.” Construction on the space is set to start in September, and the finished expansion and new bar should be ready by the end of 2019.

Revolution Roasters

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