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Pure Project Reveals 40-Tap Bankers Hill Tasting Room

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The Miramar brewery reveals its first satellite beer hub.

Pure Project Brewing has branched out with the first offshoot from its Miramar-based brewery, bringing a 2,000-square-foot tasting room to The Park on Fifth Avenue in Bankers Hill. Opening to the public this Friday, August 2, with daily hours starting at 3 p.m. on Monday and at noon Tuesday through Sunday, the 40-tap satellite beer hub is pouring Pure Project’s core line-up with a special focus on sours and other barrel-aged specialties; for the opening, head brewer Winslow Sawyer is featuring a barrel-aged stout called Silvergate, an once-proposed name for neighboring Balboa Park.

Some snacks will be available, and co-founder Mat Robar says guests will be allowed to bring in outside food. The brewery is also be partnering with nearby eateries; currently, Barrio Star is offering a small bites menu for delivery to the tasting room.

Working with Tec/scape Design, CLTVT, and J3 Products Group, Pure Project’s space brings their environmentally-focused ethos into the contemporary space, mixing rustic elements with modern materials; 20-foot slabs from a naturally-felled Torrey Pine tree combine with quartz for the bar tops and a communal river table and its concrete columns are wrapped with wood and hung with leafy planters.

The brewery is hoping to open another tasting room in Carlsbad on State Street; Robar says their proposal has passed the local planning commission stage and is awaiting approval from city council.

Urban Strategies Group represented the landlord on the Bankers Hill project.

Pure Project Brewing

2865 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103