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Kearny Mesa Korean Market Unveils Killer Food Hall

H Mart announces its in-store eateries

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The upcoming opening of H Mart in Kearny Mesa will bring a slew of tasty on-site eateries in addition to 40,500-square-feet of Asian ingredients, from fresh produce to seafood and meat for Korean barbecue, other grocery items, and housewares. The Asian supermarket chain, which has operated a store in Mira Mesa since 2012, is launching this second location on Balboa Avenue where it replaces Sports Authority.

The company shared that it has set the opening date for Friday, June 7, and revealed the lineup of small eateries that will make up its 5,496-square-foot food hall, which will also have a communal seating area:

Myungrang Hot Dog is a mega chain from Korea that serves a popular street food — deep-fried hot dogs coated in a crisp/chewy rice batter. The menu also includes fried mozzarella sticks and cheddar-wrapped sausages.

Another brand from Korea that will also be offering a beloved street food and late night snack is Sin Jeon Topokki, which specializes in stir-fried, cylindrical rice cakes in a spicy sauce made with Korean chili paste.

Katzya will serve Korean fried chicken and donkkaseu, a Korean twist on Japanese breaded pork cutlets called tonkatsu.

Bann Cuisine, which previously had a casual eatery in the Miramar area, is moving into the market. Its chef, who holds diplomas from the Cordon Bleu in Seoul, will be cooking up classic Korean dishes ranging from kimchi fried rice to spicy pork and marinated beef plates.

And Kangnam Chef will feature Korean-Chinese fusion like jajajngmyeon, a Korean version of Chinese noodles in a sweet-savory black bean sauce, topped with diced pork and vegetables.

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Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

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