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Urban Solace Is Ending Its Run in North Park

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Chef/owner Matt Gordon will also close Encinitas’ Solace & the Moonlight Lounge

Urban Solace

Sadly, Urban Solace will close up shop on 30th Street after serving its last diners on Wednesday, March 13. The North Park stalwart, one of San Diego’s foundational restaurants and favorite brunch spots, was opened more than a decade ago by chef/owner Matt Gordon, who gave the longtime eatery a revamp at the end of 2018, adding breakfast service and overhauling its dinner menu. Tomorrow night will also be the finale for Solace & the Moonlight Lounge in Encinitas.

In a message posted on Facebook and emailed to contacts, Gordon shared:

Friends, Family, Fans of Real Food...

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. We have come to the very difficult decision that Solace Restaurants have run their course here in San Diego. We are so grateful to all of you who have supported us all these years and who helped us by believing in our mission of using the best, most natural and sustainable ingredients possible. It has been an uphill battle for quite some time now, and it’s just time to move on. We love you all and thank you and San Diego in general for the wonderful 12 years that we were able to live out our dreams. We will be doing our last dinner service, tomorrow night, Wednesday at both locations and would love for you to join us tonight or tomorrow to help us empty the bar and pantry! The Gordon family will be at Urban Solace tomorrow night from 5 to 7 or so and Encinitas from 7:30 to close, so if you are so inclined, please join at one of those locations and celebrate the incredible run we’ve had. Tonight and tomorrow night we will be offering 25% off your entire bill so come party with us! (I will be personally be at urban solace tonight if you want to come share a cold one with me)

Even though the brick-and-mortar restaurants are closing, Gordon will continue to operate his catering business, Urban Solace Catering.

Urban Solace

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