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Quick-Service Pasta Joins Little Italy Food Hall Lineup

Ambrogio15 introduces Semola

Bhadri Kubendran

Filling a recently-vacated space in the Little Italy Food Hall at the Piazza della Famiglia is Semola, a new quick-service pasta counter from the team behind Ambrogio15, which operates a pizzeria in the same collective of eateries on India Street, which also includes Mein St. Asian Kitchen, Not Not Tacos by Sam the Cooking Guy, Wicked Maine Lobster, and Bobboi Natural Gelato.

The pasta plates on the fast-casual menu start at $9.28, with customers choosing from a variety of fresh durum wheat semolina pasta, from fusilli and fettuccine to gnocchi and ricotta and spinach-stuffed ravioli. Zucchini noodles are a vegan and gluten-free option. The pasta shapes are then matched with an array of pasta sauces, including bolognese, vegan pesto, creamy parmesan, and a spicy tomato sauce called Calabrian Bomb. Extra toppings include extra cheese or flavored oils like truffle or lemon. The menu also features a special kid’s combo of pasta and a drink for $6.50.

Its Italian owners have plans to scale Semola into multiple locations while expanding with other brands. Ambrogio15, their Milan-style pizza restaurants, will land at Del Mar Highlands Town Center while a new project called Ciao Ciao Piadina based on Italian flatbread sandwiches is coming to La Jolla early next year.

Little Italy Food Hall

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