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Convoy Ramen Shop Debuts Fiery Four-Chili Pepper Noodles

Karami Ramen revamps its menu

Aka Oni ramen
Courtesy photo

With the distinction of being New Zealand’s first ever ramen restaurant when it opened in Auckland in 1992, Karami Ramen debuted in Kearny Mesa last summer specializing in spicy tori paitan ramen based on a housemade chicken soup base. When it opened, the eatery was offering most of its ramen, from shoyu to shio ramen, spiked with either Korean, Mexican, or Indian chili peppers, but Karami recently rolled out a pared-down, revamped menu that now features just three variations on spicy ramen — Habanero Miso, Thai Shoyu, and its hottest dish, Aka Oni, which combines habaneros, Thai chilies, Korean chilies, and Indian chilies.

The Convoy shop has also added new specialty ramen, including one infused with black truffle and a vegan version served with spinach noodles in a housemade seaweed and soybean soup, on top of its classic miso tonkotsu, shio, shoyu, and curry ramen. Owner Yumiko Kuroda told Eater that there are no current plans to expand, although they may in the future.

Thai Shoyu ramen
Courtesy photo

Karami Ramen

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