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More Korean Fried Chicken Landing in San Diego

Rice Chicken is coming to North County

Fried chicken
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On the heels of BonChon’s debut in San Diego, another well-known fried chicken chain from Korea is arriving soon in the San Diego area; its first location is scheduled to open in Rancho Penasquitos in February. Originally called Ssal Chicken in Korea, it has been renamed Rice Chicken stateside. General manager Phillip Chung and his father Louis are overseeing the San Diego franchises; Louis has operated several eateries around town, including Convoy Tofu House and Mapo Korean BBQ, but is now focusing on Rice Chicken’s expansion. Chung tells Eater that they plan to open three locations in 2019.

Rice Chicken’s fried chicken recipe is based on a gluten-free rice flour coating, which renders the chicken extra crispy. The chicken is available with a range of toppings and sauces, including honey-garlic, sweet and spicy, and “snow cheese”, a parmesan cheese powder. There’s also grilled chicken, as well as various sides and snacks. Chung says fried chicken sandwiches will also be offered. The Rancho Penasquitos eatery spans 2,075-square-feet, with a 500-square-foot patio. Featuring fast-casual service and a bar area with TVs, it’ll offer eight to ten beers on tap.

Rice Chicken

13219 Black Mountain Road , San Diego, CA 92129