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Pizzeria Luigi Partners Up With The Balboa Bar & Grill in Sherman Heights

Their new collaboration is called Sister Ray’s

The owners of two well-loved local eateries, Pizzeria Luigi and The Balboa Bar & Grill, have teamed up on side project called Sister Ray’s that just made its debut in Sherman Heights. Both partners have ties to the surrounding community; The Balboa’s Tom Logsdon has lived in the neighborhood for a decade and Luigi Agostini opened his original Pizzeria Luigi just a few blocks away in Golden Hill.

Through the years, both restaurateurs have taken interest in the location, which sits at the corner of 25th Street and Market; they took over the existing eatery last fall, and with their managers from Pizzeria Luigi and The Balboa Bar & Grill, have transformed it into casual spot for classic burgers and chili dogs that’s open Wednesday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Logsdon’s burgers at The Balboa are legendary, but he made the effort to do different versions for Sister Ray’s although the buns and 1/3-pound patties are the same. In addition to chili-topped burgers and hot dogs, there’s a fried chicken sandwich, hand-cut fries that can be smothered in chili and cheese, and fried pickles. And the eatery can make nearly every menu item vegan by using Impossible burgers, Field Roast hot dogs, and Daiya cheese; there’s even a vegan version of chili made with soyrizo and beans. There are also four beer taps and selection of bottles and domestic tall cans.

Logsdon and Agostini say their main focus is on building their respective eateries but they don’t rule additional collaborations; Logsdon will soon be opening another location of The Balboa in Chula Vista and Agostini is thinking about expanding his pizzeria outside of San Diego.

Luigi Agostini, Tom Logsdon, Kevin Stewart, and Kevin Gist

Sister Ray's

549 25th Street, San Diego, CA 92102