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More Ramen Is Coming to Mira Mesa Next Month

Isshido Ramen joins the local noodle scene

Isshido Ramen [Official Photo]

While Mira Mesa eagerly anticipates the October arrival of Menya Ultra Ramen, the second location of the acclaimed Kearny Mesa eatery, another ramen shop is scheduled to debut next month just across the street in the Village of Mira Mesa shopping center, home to Crab Hut and the recently-opened Sprouts Farmers Market.

Also boasting a ramen chef from Japan, Isshido Ramen is replacing Submarina sandwich shop in a 1,704-square-foot-space that will include an open kitchen and ramen bar. Among its specialties will be a take on tonkotsu ramen, based on the milky pork bone broth indicative of the popular style that originated in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture, where it is also referred to as hakata ramen. Isshido’s bone broth is simmered for eight hours, with excess oil removed for a soup that’s less heavy and rich. The shop will also serve tantan-men, a spicy Chinese-influenced ramen topped with ground meat, as well as a vegetarian option with a creamy sesame broth and a luxurious version made with mushroom and truffles.

Isshido Ramen [Official Photo]

In addition to ramen, the restaurant will serve a variety of snacks and appetizers, including homemade gyoza. Isshido will also offer fried beef, pork, or tofu cutlets, served with rice and salad with the optional topping of Japanese curry.

Isshido Ramen

8250 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92126