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Asian Dessert Chain Expanding to Mira Mesa

Global brand Meet Fresh will land in San Diego this fall

Mango and strawberry milk shaved ice

San Diego’s contingent of Asian dessert shops just keeps growing, with another global chain set to open its first local store in Mira Mesa this fall. Meet Fresh was founded in 2007 in Taichung, Taiwan and now counts more than 500 locations across Asia as well as Canada and the U.S. Roland Chan, who’s heading up the company’s expansion here, tells Eater that a second branch in San Diego is in the cards, although the location is to be determined.

Chan says the Mira Mesa outpost’s menu will be fairly identical to similar to its existing location. Its traditional Taiwanese desserts are based on healthy ingredients, including red beans, barley, mung beans, taro balls, sweet potato, herbal grass jelly and fresh fruit combined in shaved ice bowls or sweet, warm soups. A new menu item, soy milk tofu pudding, can be topped with everything from peanuts to kidney beans. Meet Fresh also serves a large variety of tea drinks, from winter melon tea topped with creamy foam to green tea with lychee jelly and milk tea with pudding.


Meet Fresh

9420C Mira Mesa Boulevard, , CA 92126 (858) 566-8098 Visit Website