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Malahat Spirits Adding Cocktails to Miramar Tasting Room

Look for the drinks to debut later this month


Malahat Spirits Co. is the latest local distillery to expand the offerings at its tasting room to include cocktails as well as samples of its spirits, joining San Diego compatriots You & Yours Distilling Co., Cutwater Spirits, and Henebery Spirits as other craft spirit companies that distill spirits and serve cocktails on site. Opened in 2014 in the Miramar area and co-founded Tom Bleakley, Tony Grillo, and Ken Lee, the distillery’s flagship products are its rums, including black tea rum, ginger rum, and spiced rum; other releases include vodka, bourbon, and rye whiskey.

Consulting on Malahat’s cocktail menu is a team comprised of an alum and a current member of Consortium Holdings (Polite Provisions, Raised by Wolves); formerly of Neighborhood and Soda & Swine, Trevor Bowles helped to create the initial cocktail list for You & Yours while Andrew Cordero is an award-winning barman at Noble Experiment. The cocktails, which will showcase every spirits in the product line, should debut at the distillery by mid-August, at which time the Malahat plans to extend the tasting room’s hours of operation to run Thursday through Sunday.

Malahat Spirits

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