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Japan’s Famous Fried Chicken Shop Eyeing San Diego

Karayama could expand here soon


A fast-casual fried chicken chain that was founded in Tokyo, Japan and has grown to more than 50 locations across Japan and parts of Asia could make its way to San Diego sooner than later. Earlier this month, Karayama debuted its first American outpost in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. The eatery specializes in chicken karaage, or Japanese-style fried chicken, in which bite-size boneless pieces of chicken are marinated and then fried with a light potato starch coating. Karayama uses a proprietary sauce to season its chicken, which is available as a set meal with rice, salad, and miso soup, mixed into stir frys and curries, and stuffed into sandwiches made with pillowy Japanese milk bread. Other menu items include fried shrimp, chicken wings, chilled tofu, and additional sides.

So when can San Diego get a taste of this fried chicken? A representative from Karayama USA told Eater that although there are no current concrete plans for a location, San Diego is definitely on the company’s radar, adding that they’re looking forward to opening here eventually as the brand continues to expand across the southland.