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Giant Global Bubble Tea Chain Opens on Convoy

Happy Lemon lands in Kearny Mesa

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Happy Lemon, which was first founded in Shanghai, China in 2006 and now includes more than 1,000 locations around the globe, has just launched a store on Convoy Street that also happens to be its largest worldwide. The huge franchise is known for its tea drinks, based on black or green tea imported from Taiwan; top sellers include a fresh grapefruit green tea and a mango matcha latte. Its boba milk teas, which come with tapioca pearls or housemade taro balls, can be customized with varying levels of sweetness, and the Kearny Mesa location also offers mojitos, made with Eureka lemons and fresh mint.

But the Happy Lemon chain is most famous for its salted cheese series, which crowns a cup of tea with a creamy cheese foam made with cream cheese, whipped cream, milk, and a little rock salt. Proper drinking technique starts with tilting the cup at 45 degree angle to first enjoy the salted cheese topping on its own before it mixes with the tea. Besides drinks, the Convoy shop’s menu includes Asian-style bubble waffles in original or chocolate flavor.


Happy Lemon

4633 Convoy St Ste 107 , San Diego, CA 92111