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Behold Comic-Con’s Futuristic Taco Bell From ‘Demolition Man’

The first-come, first-serve pop-up runs through Saturday night in the Gaslamp

Want to dine like it’s 2032? Running through Saturday, July 21 is a pop-up restaurant takeover of the Gaslamp’s Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood that has turned the Fifth Avenue restaurant into the futuristic Taco Bell depicted in Demolition Man, the classic early 90s sci-fi action flick starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Set decades into the future in the fictitious California metropolis of ‘San Angeles’, one of the film’s main plot points is the ‘Franchise Wars’, a series of dystopic battles between chain eateries that results in Taco Bell emerging victorious as the last restaurant standing.

Taco Bell’s elaborate transformation of Greystone into the fancy version of Taco Bell that’s straight out of Demolition Man features video screens and displays from the movie as well one of its futuristic transportation vehicles and select characters from the movie, including San Angeles Police Department officers and the main villian, Simon Phoenix. There will also be a shop on site, selling exclusive Demolition Man merchandise.

It’s now open to the public on a first-come, first serve basis from 6 p.m. to midnight through Saturday and includes free food and drink; the high-end Taco Bell dining experience features cocktails as well as a multi-course meal.

Here’s the pop-up’s dinner menu:

*Joy Joy Hors D’oeuvre*

Masa Geometrics / Corn4/ Legumes / Funghi / Tomato Aspic / Onion Soubise / Avocado / Cilantro & Capsicum

*Crunchwrap Supreme Leader*

Cheese & Masa Polygon / Seared Outlawed Aminos* / Green / Tomato Aspic / Nacho Cheese Crunch / Sour Cream Spheres

*Franchise Freedom Fries*

Nacho Cheese Potato Vessels w/ Bold Mexican Spices* / Cryo-Capsicum

*Cinnamon Helix Confection*

Oxygenated Twists / Cryo-Berry / 160 C Sugar

Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood

658 Fifth Avenue, , CA 92101 (619) 232-0225 Visit Website