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Korean Fried Chicken Empire Expanding to Convoy

Global brand Bonchon is headed this way


Bonchon, a Korean-style fried chicken chain with fans all over the globe, is finally coming to San Diego. First founded in South Korea in 2002, the brand opened its first U.S. store in New Jersey in 2006. Now based in New York City, the company has more than 200 corporate and franchise-owned locations across nine countries.

Scheduled to launch this fall in Kearny Mesa, Bonchon will be a new tenant in Convoy Street’s Plaza Del Sol complex, which is also home to China Max. It will slot into a 3,120-square-foot space that’s tucked into the back of the strip mall, where it replaces R&B Crawfish Lounge. Korean fried chicken, affectionally called “KFC”, is typically well-seasoned and fried twice for a thin, crackly crust. It’s usually glazed with a sauce after frying; Bonchon offers a soy garlic and spicy sauces or a mix of both. Served with a side of pickled radish, chicken wings are the bestselling item but chicken drumsticks and chicken strips are also offered. The rest of the menu is a hodge-podge of various Asian cuisines; there are traditional Korean dishes such as bibimbap, japchae, and bulgogi but also Japanese takoyaki and udon and Chinese fried and steamed dumplings.


4690 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111