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Nomad Donuts Reconfigures to Prep for Expansion

The local bakery cafe gears up for growth


Neighborhood favorite Nomad Donuts is laying the groundwork for an expansion that will allow the company build upon its roots in North Park. Owner Brad Keiller, who has been running Nomad’s original 30th Street shop and the larger bakery and eatery on University Avenue independently, has partnered with Legal Restaurants, a full-service local hospitality development group led by executive chef Antonio Friscia with support from chefs Fern Tran and Michelle Lux. The group, which has played a key role in launching Bao Beach, Fireside by the Patio, and Harvest by the Patio among other eateries, will lend financial and operational support as well as helping to scale the small business for growth. Nomad’s founding chef, Kristianna Zabala, has split from the company but retains an ownership stake.

Keiller says the University Avenue bakery-cafe will be adding a sidewalk patio and increasing its brunch offerings and selection of bagels and other baked goods. And Legal Restaurants’ partner/COO Nick Sanderson shared that Nomad will also be incorporated into the group’s future projects, which focus on creating added-value food and beverage amenities for office buildings and surrounding communities. Nomad will function as the casual cafe component, paired with a unique full-service restaurant; there are several sites in the works, including one in the downtown area that should launch later this fall.

Nomad Donuts

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