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All Is Lost — Cafe Chloe Is Closing in the East Village

The beloved eatery will shutter on July 8

Heartwork Hill

Cafe Chloe, one of the city’s most beloved eateries, is sadly ending its proud run in the East Village. The European-styled bistro, a enduring member of the Eater 38 and a universally-admired independent restaurant, celebrated a milestone fourteenth anniversary this year with a menu and decor refresh. Alison McGrath, who co-founded the restaurant with her husband John and named it after their daughter Chloe, shared news of the July 8 shutter on Facebook:

The shocking closure should serve as a wake up call to diners — an urgent reminder to support and frequent their favorite neighborhood eateries. Calling this “the end of mom and pop restaurants”, McGrath told Eater that they had to make the difficult decision to close Cafe Chloe before being forced to sacrifice the quality of the restaurant. In the wake of the announcement, friends and fans are already rallying around the eatery, suggesting everything from crowdfunding campaigns to new partnerships with other restaurateurs to help keep the lights on.

McGrath is currently trying to find other positions for her staff, and she and the restaurant’s core team will be working each service until the shutter in order to say a last goodbye to the community. She says that Minou, the French creperie which the owners opened last fall, is staying in operation for the time being and that a new project, an event venue at at Liberty Station called Chloe at Scout, is still a possibility.

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