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SuperNatural Sandwiches Spreading to Pacific Beach

The shop should open next month

SuperNatural Sandwiches Miramar
Courtesy photo

Nom Nom Bento, which opened last summer on Mission Boulevard with fast-casual menu of Pan-Asian bento boxes, will be replaced by a new outpost of SuperNatural Sandwiches. The 1,100-square-foot space is currently being refreshed and is currently scheduled to open in June.

Co-founder Anthony Tran tells Eater that the shop will serve a core menu of seven signature sandwiches as well as rotating specials and items exclusive to Pacific Beach. Considering the location’s proximity to the beach, Tran says he expects there will be an emphasis on grab and go service. Bottled beer and wine are forthcoming but for now, beverages will focus on aguas frescas.

The seafood sandwich specialists opened their first storefront in 2014, and recently launched brances in Santa Ana and Tijuana. Another SuperNatural Sandwiches, announced earlier this year for Little Italy, is expected to break ground this month and open Fall 2018. It will also offer a selection of Southeast Asian dishes as well as desserts and boba drinks. Tran says he and his partners plan to continue to grow the brand locally while also exploring expansion into Los Angeles and Orange County.

Supernatural Sandwiches

7094 Miramar Road, , CA 92121 (858) 831-7835 Visit Website