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Verde y Crema Will Move to a New Location

The beloved Tijuana restaurant looks to the future


Tijuana restaurant Verde y Crema is closing its original location to open a new restaurant in the city, owner Vladimir Tellez tells Eater. The new restaurant will continue to be called Verde y Crema.

“The location is still a secret, but I can say that it will be nearby to the original,” Tellez says, referring to the restaurant’s current location on Calle Orizaba in Colonia Neidhart.

He adds, “It will be a unique space in Tijuana with an original atmosphere. The menu will, once again, revolutionize the culinary scene of this border.”

In conjunction, the restaurant is also launching a new experience with tour operator Angel Miron of Let’s Go Clandestino, a service that runs culinary tours to different destinations in Baja California.

Developed in concert with Verde y Crema executive chef Zoe Villarreal, the tour company will offer appointment only dinners with transportation and a guided tour included.

Tellez is proud of how Tijuana’s dining scene has matured over the years. “Five years ago, the dining experience in Tijuana had not yet created a gastronomic concept that incorporated agave distilled spirits from small Mexican producers, for example—or there was a single restaurant with 16 beers on tap serving exclusively local beers. Since then, the Tijuanense culinary scene has never been the same and continues to evolve,” he says, adding that he credits his own restaurant with inspiring the culinary rush that continues in the city today.

Restaurante Verde y Crema

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