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Korean Fried Chicken, Asian Desserts, and More Headed for Carlsbad Food Hall

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Cross Street Fried Chicken and Bing Haus are among The Windmill Food Hall tenants

Cross Street Chicken & Beer
Courtest photo

Several popular Asian eateries from Convoy Street are making the trek to North County to join the vendor lineup at The Windmill Food Hall. Announced earlier this year and scheduled to launch later this summer, the food hall will transform an iconic building in Carlsbad into a 12,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor dining and entertainment space.

Convoy’s Korean-style fried chicken spot Cross Street Chicken & Beer will slot into one of the 11 vendor spaces along with another location for Kearny Mesa neighbor Bing Haus, a related concept whose specialties include rolled ice cream. The owner of Bing Haus and her mother, who owns Friend’s House Korean on Convoy, are also collaborating to open a Friend’s House Korean here which will serve tofu soup, dumplings, and DIY hot stone bibimbap. Also in the mix is Taco Lady from the owner of El Puerto Mexican & Seafood, which will serve gourmet street tacos and the first storefront from Thai Style Kitchen, a roving pop-up.

The Windmill Food Hall’s owner, James Markham, will also be contributing several eateries including made-to-order pizzas from Doughballs Pizza, Rolled Up, which will do build-your-own rolled sushi burritos, and a full-service standalone restaurant called Crackheads that will serve breakfast sandwiches and specialty coffee drinks. The venue, which will hold seating for over 300 diners, will also feature a full bar along with ping pong, lawn games, and more.

The Windmill Food Hall

890 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011