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Rapidly-Expanding Fast-Casual Indian Chain Coming to San Diego

Curry Up Now will spread across the county

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Already beloved by Bay Area diners, Indian fast-casual eatery Curry Up Now will expand across the state of California in a franchise deal that will bring multiple locations to San Diego. Founded as a food truck in 2009 by husband-and-wife team Akash and Rana Kapoor, Curry Up Now currently operates six brick-and-mortar locations and a fleet of four food trucks.

Named a ‘2018 Breakout Brand’ by Nation’s Restaurant News, Curry Up Now combines quick service with a menu that blends traditional Indian flavors with modern innovation. There’s classic biryani, Kashmiri lamb, and multi-dish thali platters as well as street food favorites ranging from pani puri and samosas to vada pav. Unique offerings include tikka masala burritos, Indian-inspired poutine, and naan topped with cheese, caramelized onions, and shaved jalapeno.

Partnering with Fransmart, which has helped to grow brands including The Halal Guys and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Curry Up Now is looking for franchise partners in 40 major markets across the U.S. The franchisees who are bringing the eatery to San Diego County will also take it to Orange County, Sacramento, and other areas across California. Locally, the group is now searching for sites in neighborhoods including North Park, La Jolla, Del Mar, Little Italy, and Coronado. Eater is hearing that there will be up to as many as 10 locations in the county.