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‘Shark Tank’-Winning All-Avocado Eatery Looking at San Diego for Expansion

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Brooklyn’s Avocaderia may arrive next year


Touting itself as “the world’s first avocado bar” when it debuted in a Brooklyn food hall in 2017, Avocaderia has since expanded to Manhattan and announced plans to grow the brand beyond New York City. Thanks in part to a recent appearance on an episode of Shark Tank, when billionaire Mark Cuban invested $200,000 in the company for a 10 percent stake, its owners will take Avocaderia nationwide with 20 additional locations.

The eatery, which serves an all-avocado menu of avocado toast variations, avocado-topped salads and bowls, and avocado-based smoothies, also features an avocado-chocolate mousse and a “burger” comprising avocado halves sandwiching smoked salmon.

Though San Diego has long eaten avocado toast, we may be getting our own Avocaderia. A rep for the restaurant tells Eater that the owners are aiming to open their first location in California by 2019 and that they’re currently starting to look at potential neighborhoods in San Diego as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco.