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Sweet Shop Selling Spanish Churros Coming to Convoy

The Churreria Cafe should open by April


Convoy’s growing continent of dessert shops and cafes will soon be joined by a compatriot from Spain. The Churreria Cafe is the creation of childhood friends Nicholas Tran and Sean Tu, who both have extensive experience in the industry; Tran’s family owns the Vien Dong Supermarkets while Tu worked on the corporate side of Starbucks and Sam’s Club. Tu’s Spanish travels inspired him to bring a taste of the traditional snack back to San Diego; the design of the cafe will also be modeled after a Spanish garden patio.

Rather than the ready-made cinnamon and sugar-coated churros that San Diegans might be more familiar with, The Churreria Cafe will fry theirs fresh to order. Cooked in front of customers on a special machine from Spain, the churros are made with a dairy and egg-free dough that renders them crisp on the outside and creamy in the middle. They will be served, as in customary in Spain, as a breakfast item along with an espresso drink or hot chocolate or as a snack with dipping chocolate, but the cafe will also offer churros that can be customized with a variety of fillings, including green tea custard, plus sweet glazes and toppings. A display case will also stock an array of grab and go mini churros. The partners will open the Convoy Street shop by April, and tell Eater that they hope to expand with many more locations as well as explore the savory possibilities of churros.

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