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Buona Forchetta Bringing Pizza to Petco Park

The Italian eatery heads to the ballpark

Scott Andrews

Joining the array of local food options available at Petco Park is a well-loved Italian restaurant that has bustling locations in South Park and Liberty Station, with more expansion plans in the works. Buona Forchetta is scheduled to open at the ballpark by March 29, Opening Day for the San Diego Padres, where it will be located in Section 104 across from Donovan’s Wines at the Park.

Owner Matteo Cattaneo is installing a wood-fired oven at the Petco outpost which will cook up the restaurant’s signature Neapolitan-style pies. Ballpark-goers will be able to purchase slices as well as whole pizzas. Cattaneo is also introducing a new pizza variation that will also be available at his incoming eateries in South Park and Coronado. A popular street food in Rome, the pizza is baked in sheet pans and cut into square slices. Compared to Neapolitan pies, the Roman style produces an inch-thick crust that’s both crisp and airy. In addition to pizza, Buona Forchetta at the ballpark will serve beer, wine and scoops of gelato.