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Popular Doughnut Spot Donut Bar Expands to Temecula

Plus more locations, including Oceanside and Pacific Beach, planned for 2019

donut bar

Popular doughnut spot Donut Bar, with its original location downtown, is in the midst of a large expansion following additional openings in Las Vegas and Scottsdale. Its fourth location will open in Temecula on Saturday, December 15 at 8 a.m.

The 2000-square-foot storefront will feature an exhibition “Donut French Toast Grill” in the middle of the display cases and will also serve strawberry milk on tap as well as mimosas that feature local sparkling wine from Temecula’s wineries. Wine pairings are also planned for the future.

Early 2019 will bring further expansion to Pacific Beach, Oceanside and Riverside. Hollywood, Anaheim, Tucson and Sacramento locations are also slated to open later next year.

Donut Bar

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