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Pokirrito Adds Hand-Cut Udon and Trendy Japanese Sandwiches

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The dishes officially debut today on Convoy

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Now available exclusively at Pokirrito’s Convoy Street location is a selection of udon bowls built on hand cut noodles. Designed to be al dente and perfectly chewy, the premium noodles are hand-massaged and cut by hand to optimal thickness; chef/owner Junya Watanabe studied the traditional technique while training in Japan. The triple-thick noodles are featured in a new section of the menu called NabeNabe, and available with a wide range of toppings including jumbo-sized Santa Barbara shrimp, panko-katsu cutlets made with Kurobuta pork, and a broth based on RakiRaki’s popular Setagaya 27 curry ramen.

Watanabe, who runs RakiRaki Ramen, Pokirrito, and j/wata Temaki Bar on Convoy, RakiRaki Ramen and Pokirrito in Little Italy, a ramen offshoot in Liberty Public Market and just opened an outpost in San Francisco, is known for keeping a keen eye on Japanese food trends. To that end, he’s also launching Tamago-sando in Kearny Mesa, adding to the Pokirrito menu a “sandwich” based on classic Japanese tamagoyaki and onigiri. The tamagoyaki, a light and delicate omelet made up of many thin layers of egg, will be served layered between warm sushi rice and wrapped in sheet of toasted nori. An elevated twist on tamago onigiri, each sandwich will be made to order with a variety of fillings and sauces including teriyaki-marinated, flame-blistered SPAM®, tempura shrimp with spicy tartar sauce, and fried cutlets of beef and chicken with Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce.

Courtesy photo

The Yasai by RakiRaki

4646 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 573-9090