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Liberty Public Market Adding Sushi Hand Roll Bar

It’ll be run by The Land and Water Company from Carlsbad

Land and Water Co. Facebook

Coming to Liberty Public Market this April is a fast-casual temaki bar from Rob Ruiz, the chef and creator behind The Land and Water Company in Carlsbad. Called the Hold Fast, it will complement Ruiz’s North County farm-to-table restaurant and sushi bar, which opened in 2014 and has held fast to its commitment to serving sustainable seafood and supporting responsible fishing practices.

Offering an array of Japanese hand rolls, the new outpost will also serve yakitori as well as sashimi and chef’s choice omakase specials depending on the fresh catch of the day. San Diego fishermen, who dock within walking distance to Liberty Station, will be providing top-notch seafood including big eye tuna and sea urchin, and Ruiz will also create vegan dishes based on organic produce from North County farms. The base of the rolls will be rice organically-grown in California.

The Hold Fast intends to operate during regular market hours, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., but the chef says that since he only plans on sourcing enough product for the menu of the day, the eatery will close up shop whenever dishes sell out. And in alignment with his dedication to zero waste, all organic matter will be composted.

Liberty Public Market

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