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Tender Greens Going Cashless Starting Next Week

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This is the future.

tender greens utc
Tender Greens UTC
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As of Monday, January 29, your paper money will no longer be good at Tender Greens, a fast-casual leader since the brand launched in 2006 that operates locations in Liberty Station, the UTC area, Mission Valley and downtown San Diego. In a blog post, the company’s founders explained the move to go cash-free as a response to advances in technology and changing times but also as a time-saving measure. The switch will allow guests to get their orders faster and free up employees to focus on other tasks; the post also noted that overall, it’s “cleaner and better for the environment because there will be no armored trucks picking up and dropping off cash, no more plastic deposit bags, and paper for cash deposit slips.”

The cashless set-up has been tested with success at Tender Greens’ new El Segundo branch and other big-name companies are looking at adopting the model — Starbucks is testing a pilot program in Seattle.

Credit, debit and mobile payment will be accepted at all Tender Greens eateries going forward. Starting in February, the eatery will launch a digital gift card feature on its mobile app that will enable customers to pay for their orders in-store or online or share the balance with friends and family.