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SuperNatural Sandwiches Expanding to Little Italy and Beyond

New locations are also planned for Orange County and Tijuana

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The sandwich masters at SuperNatural Sandwiches are poised to exponentially grow their empire this year with several new locations, including one headed for Little Italy. Starting as a fixture at local farmers markets, SuperNatural made the leap to brick-and-mortar in 2014 with a small shop in the Miramar area, and moved into a larger nearby space last year where they are gearing up to add beer and wine service.

By Summer 2018, SuperNatural will move into a 1,500-square-foot space in AV8, a new luxury apartment building nearing completion on Kettner Boulevard, catty-corner to Herb & Wood; Urban Strategies Group represented the landlord in the transaction. The eatery will have a beer and wine bar as well as a patio.

To complement their core menu of gourmet seafood sandwiches, co-founder Tony Nguyen and chef Gus Camacho (Miso Poke) are developing specials for the Little Italy location; Nguyen says the Southeast Asian-influnced dishes will range from papaya salad to sandwiches featuring Thai-style Ipswich clam bellies and tamarind-glazed soft shell crab. Desserts and drinks from local Asian cafes Square Bar and Bobalicious will also be available.

SuperNatural Sandwiches is also prepping to expand north and south of San Diego. By the end of February, the company should have an outpost up and running in Tijuana, where they will be a food vendor at a new location of souped-up food court Telefonica Gastropark. Co-founder Anthony Tran says their stall will offer seven core sandwiches, some customized with Mexican ingredients. And a similar branch will open next month in Orange County, in Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market. Tran says the sandwich shop is focusing on extending its footprint in Orange County, Los Angeles and Mexico but also plans to add another location in North County.

SuperNatural Sandwiches

2155 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101