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Rolled Ice Cream Cruises Into Mission Beach

Sweet treats hit the beach


Thai-style rolled ice cream, the trendy frozen dessert featured at Bing Haus in Kearny Mesa and ICMonster in Mira Mesa, has made its way to Mission Beach, where Pacific Knots has launched just steps from Belmont Park.

Open from noon to 11 p.m., the shop is serving a menu of “Californian ice cream rolls” inspired by the Asian treat, which quick-freezes a liquid ice cream base on super chilled metal griddles. Toppings are mixed in before wafer-thin sheets of the organic ice cream are rolled into cylinders and packed into waffle bowls or waffle “tacos”.

Pacific Knots’ menu includes Miss Witherspoon’s Favorite made with vanilla ice cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate and the bright blue-hued Cookie Monster special topped with mini chocolate chip cookies.

Pacific Knots

736 Ventura Place, San Diego, CA 92109