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James Coffee Co. Cruises Into Bankers Hill

The popular roaster opens a second location

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James Coffee Co., one of Eater’s essential local coffee spots whose original coffee bar is a standout destination in the north end of Little Italy, has just launched its second location. Now open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily is the local roastery’s new 500-square-foot coffee bar that includes a patio on the ground floor of The Louie, a residential complex which recently debuted in Bankers Hill.

Founder and head roaster David Kennedy, who builds custom furniture for all his spaces, says that its food and drink menu is similar to the Little Italy outposts, offering lattes, cappucinos, cortados, and iced or hot espresso plus some variations flavored with chocolate, vanilla and brown sugar; a line of sweet and savory snacks, ranging from breakfast pastries to quiche, macarons and desserts, is provided by local bakery Le Parfait Paris. The Fourth Avenue location also serves chilled refreshers, including a coffee soda made with espresso, sparkling water and lime and a strawberry soda that blends fresh strawberry puree with brown sugar, sparkling water, mint and lime.

James Coffee Co.

2870 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103