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Stylish Spot for Handmade Dumplings Opens on Convoy

See inside Steamy Piggy


Dumplings are all the rage these days and the newest spot, Steamy Piggy, is more stylish than most. The interior is hung with boho-chic macrame hanging planters and filled with sleek furnishings while the outdoor seating area, complete with fire pit, is shaded by an overhead canopy and wall of vines. Newly opened from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., the restaurant handstuffs and folds its own dumplings daily, using scratch-made dough and house-ground meat for fillings, in a glassed-in station within full view of the dining room.

The menu centers around authentic Chinese flavors but goes beyond the traditional too; dumplings range from the classic pork and cabbage or pork and chives to the not-so-common egg and cheese. There are spicy dan dan noodles, Shanghai-style ribs and the ubiquitous pork bun but also a chicken quinoa bowl, tater tots and sweet potato fries. Beverages range from a wide range of teas to chilled drinks including a chia-cranberry refresher and a matcha latte, plus draft beer.


Steamy Piggy

4681 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111