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Ceviche House Bringing New Life to Old Town

The North Park eatery intends to shake up the neighborhood

Tourist-filled Old Town is about to get a local infusion from North Park’s Ceviche House, which is opening a new restaurant on one of the historic neighborhood’s main drags. Acknowledging that the move is a bit of a risk, founder and executive chef Juan Carlos Récamier says that he wants to spark a revival in Old Town, which has never been a dining destination save for a few standouts. Récamier first launched Ceviche House in 2014 at area farmers markets, where he built relationships with local farmers and fishermen that continued to thrive when the seafood-based eatery went brick-and-mortar in 2015; the young chef is a frequent presence at the weekly Tuna Harbor Dockside Market and Catalina Offshore.

Juan Carlos Récamier

The new Old Town location is a big leap in both size and scope. Récamier’s current 30th Street restaurant, run with business partner Paty Zabalegui and sous chef Jacob Sensano, stands at a cozy 410-square-feet while the just-leased space on San Diego Avenue is a much larger 2,400-square-feet. This Ceviche House will have a broader menu that will still be focused on local Mexican seafood dishes, ranging from redesigned ceviche plates and existing favorites to new hot seafood items.

The 30th Street eatery will remain in operation for the time being, at least until the Old Town restaurant opens later this summer. Récamier says he is indebted to the neighborhood where he launched his first restaurant, sharing, “We’re so thankful to everyone that has supported what we do from day one. It hasn’t been easy, so thanks to the community of North Park for really supporting a small local eatery that dedicates its craft to the ingredients available to us in San Diego.”

Ceviche House

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