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Welcome to Eater Road Trip Week

Hop on board

Joshua Lurie

Welcome to Eater’s inaugural Road Trip Week, a dive into can’t-miss food and trip destinations that are worth the drive.

Starting today and continuing through Friday, Eater San Diego — along with sites across the Eater network — will highlight travel-worthy places to eat and drink. We’ll share expert guides on the top out-of-town spots to explore for lunch and dinner, an itinerary for an epic day trip and even explore the best places in neighborhoods that are closer to home.

Stay tuned for an archive of all Road Trip Week-related coverage. And as always, feedback from readers is welcome and encouraged. Share tried-and-true travel tips, plug out-of-the-way dining spots, or weigh in on any cities that San Diego diners should add to their must-eat list in the comments or via email.

Happy road-tripping.