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Mexican-Influenced Craft Brewery Announces Plans for San Diego

SouthNorte should launch this summer

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The former brewmaster of Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) is branching out with a new craft brewery called SouthNorte.

The brewery will represent the beer landscapes of both Southern California and Northern Baja, with roots “born from the border culture and mutual influences each region has on the other”. It will be the first solo project for CBC’s longtime head brewer Ryan Brooks, with backing from CBC co-founders Rick and Ron Chapman that extends to letting SouthNorte use Coronado Brewing Company’s Knoxville Street production facility as a brewing hub until a standalone site for the new brewery is found.

In a release, SouthNorte shared that it’s aiming to combine craft brewing methods with consumer thirst for Mexican imports, outlining its style direction as “refreshing beers that lend themselves to social drinking”. Brooks said “With SouthNorte, I want share my love of that culture and transport the U.S. craft beer drinker by letting them experience the vibrant and unique flavors of Mexico wherever they are.” When its beers hit the market this simmer, distribution will initially be concentrated in San Diego before expanding into other areas.