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Fast-Casual Mexican Seafood & More Moving Onto India Street’s Restaurant Row

It opens this month

Last fall, nearly 15 years after first opening Saffron Noodles and Saté on India Street, owner/chef Su-Mei Yu partnered with Karina’s Group, which owns the Karina¹s Mexican Seafood locations in the South Bay and Savoie Eatery in Otay Ranch Town Center. The local family-run group now oversees day-to-day operations of Thai restaurant, which was given a cosmetic refresh earlier this year.

In the adjacent space next door, a pint-sized storefront where Yu originally opened Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken, Karina’s Group will launch Karina¹s Ceviches & More, a new fast-casual concept that’s based on their full-service Karina’s Mexican Seafood restaurants. The eatery, which is due later this month, will feature the most popular ceviches, seafood cocktails, tacos and burritos from Karina¹s traditional menu.

Co-proprietor David Contreras Curiel said, “It was a challenge to fit Karina’s into the small space of this former kitchen,” he says. “But the new concept allows us to appeal to a wider audience and meet the growing demand for fast-casual eateries offering high-quality, hand-crafted fare at affordable prices.”

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Ordering will be made via a walk-up window for quick takeout service, but diners will also be able to enjoy their food on the outdoor patio next door. The menu will range from shrimp ceviche with cucumber and avocado in green chile sauce to a campechana cocktail of shrimp, octopus and scallops, plus more than 14 taco varieties and burritos filled with rotisserie chicken, shrimp or ribeye steak. All items will be available a la carte or with rice and beans for an additional $3.

Karina's Ceviches & More

3731 India Street, , CA 92103 (619) 255-5900 Visit Website