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Okan Diner Opens With Japanese Udon and Rice Kettles

More menu items are coming

Word comes via the tipline that Okan Diner did soft open as scheduled this past weekend on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. The new eatery, which is related to but much larger that Convoy Street’s Wa Dining Okan, features a menu of small plates akin to the original restaurant but the focus here is on iron kettle rice dishes called kamameshi, which cooks the rice in a rich stock along with various ingredients, from salmon roe to snapper, and fresh udon noodle that range from the traditionally-flavored soups to fusion styles ranging from clams in garlic butter to Thai tom yum soup and Vietnamese pho.

Though the full menu isn’t just available yet, our favorite food blog Mmm-yoso got a first taste at the restaurant, which is currently open just for dinner from 5 to 10:30 p.m. daily and deemed the $17.50 kakuni kamameshi topped with braised pork “quite satisfying if on the expensive side.”

Okan Diner

5430 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, , CA 92117 (858) 278-4228