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Texas-Based Wood Fire Rotisserie Chicken Chain Transplanting to San Diego

Cowboy Chicken is cruising to Califonia


Founded in 1981, Dallas-based chain Cowboy Chicken has over twenty locations in Texas and the South, and will make a serious push into California thanks to a 30-store development deal that includes multiple units in San Diego. Phil Fontes, who with his partners is bringing Cowboy Chicken west, tells Eater that they are looking all over the local area, including Encinitas, Del Mar and Mission Valley, with the goal of planting at least four to six outposts here. The first will likely open in late 2017. Location Matters’ Mike Spilky is helping to bring the first to market fast-casual brand to San Diego.

Cowboy Chicken’s menu centers around whole chickens cooked over a wood fired rotisserie and served with scratch-made sides including campfire veggies and ranchero beans. The eatery is also known for its Tex-Mex chicken enchiladas in housemade tomatillo-sour cream sauce, salads, and Texas-sized sandwiches as well as sweet tea and homemade peach cobbler.