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Rebecca’s Coffee House Shuttering in South Park

The South Park space will have a new tenant after 25 years

Rebecca’s Coffee House, a staple of South Park’s for over 20 years, will close within the next few days, according to owner Rebecca Zearing, who spoke to Eater over the phone. “We lost in court, we’re out,” she said matter-of-factly about a court judgement from December 7, which ordered her to vacate the property. “It came down to money— they doubled our rent.”

Zearing explained that if she paid a variety of fees totaling around $10,000 that she could stay for January and the judgement against her would be masked. “I’d rather save the money to relocate, hopefully in the area. We’ve had a lot of nice offers to go in with people,” she said. In the meantime, a group of local musicians have started a GoFundMe campaign, aimed at helping Zearing through her transition.

Reflecting on her long tenure in the neighborhood, Zearing recalled, “when we passed our 25th anniversary in April, we received a commendation letter from the city, wishing us well and congratulating us. It said, ‘Thank you for bringing local art, music and culture to South Park. It’s institutions like yours that make our community great—we wish you the best for years to come.’”

Franco Realty Group

Tony Franco of Franco Realty Group told Eater they, “tried to get Rebecca’s to stay for below market rents and they refused, so we brought it to the market and received more than a dozen offers.” Franco said one application has been accepted, and while he declined to say who or what the business was as the lease isn’t signed, he said it would “benefit the neighborhood.” The new tenant is expected to move in January or February, he added.

Franco noted that he loved Rebecca’s and wishes Zearing the best in her future endeavors. For her part, Zearing says she’ll be back soon. “My heart is breaking in many ways. I really love the community. I want to be up and running as soon as possible.”

Franco Realty Group


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