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Mead and Cider Come Together at New Miramar Tap Room

The combo also includes an eatery

Craft beer may still be king in the Miramar area but its industrial parks are seeing an steady infusion of other craft beverage companies, from spirits and cider to sake and cold-pressed juice. Lost Cause Meadery is the latest to land in the area this Thursday, November 2, joining the just-launched Serpentine Cider and The Good Seed Food Company in a shared 3,000-square-foot tasting room and production facility.

Founded by husband and wife team Billy and Suzanna Beltz, Lost Cause is part of a growing contingent of local meaderies seeking to revive the popularity of the ancient honey-fermented drink, known as one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages A decorated home mead maker with over 35 medals to his name, Billy Beltz says he’s looking forward to bringing unexpected flavors and ingredients to the current mead market.

Lost Cause’s meads are all carbonated, which provides balance and refreshment to the inherently sweet drink that has the approximate ABV of wine. Local orange blossom honey from Temecula Valley Honey Co. is the base for the lighter varieties, while buckwheat honey gives richness to the more full-bodied or barrel-aged meads. This being craft beer country, there is a hopped version, along with meads infused with coffee, chocolate, chiles and more.

The start-up meadery splits tasting taps with the recently-debuted Serpentine Cider. Co-owner Sean Harris, whose hard ciders all fall in the dry to off-dry range, also recruited chef Jesus de la Torre to run the on-site kitchen. The veteran chef’s menu for Good Seed Food Co., which includes dry-rubbed wings, sweet and spicy rice noodles and a torta ahogada, will change every week and feature seasonal produce. Cider and mead dinners are also planned, as well as collaborations that could produce a Lost Cause/Serpentine-produced cyser, a fermented drink made from a blend of honey and apple juice. Hoping to brand their area as the Miralani Makers District, the collective is open Tuesday through Sunday starting at noon.

Serpentine Cider/Lost Cause Meadery/Rollin Roots

8665 Miralani Dr., #100 , San Diego , CA 92126