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Mission Brewery Hunts for Investors

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mission brewery

In honor of its tenth anniversary, Mission Brewery is launching an opportunity to invest in the company. Through online application WeFunder, would-be contributors have a chance to purchase shares in the company during a two-month window.

“Investing in Mission Brewery doesn’t just help the brewery but it gives San Diegans the chance to become a part of the local San Diego beer scene as more than just a consumer or home brewer,” said Mission Brewery president Dan Selis, “Most beer lovers dream of opening a brewery—I was homebrewing for about 25 years before I started Mission Brewery. Now people can have the chance to make becoming part of a brewery a reality and own a piece of Mission Brewery.”

The WeFunder platform calculates how much unaccredited investors can invest annually based on net worth and income. The minimum investment is $200.

“This is an opportunity to own your craft,” said Selis.

Mission Brewery [WeFunder]