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-21°C Below Snowflake Drops Shaved Snow in Kearny Mesa

The new shop serves Korean-style shaved ice and tea drinks


-21°C Below Snowflake, a new Asian dessert shop, has opened in Kearny Mesa at 4764 Convoy Street serving bingsoo or Korean-style shaved ice. The shop specializes in fine, powdered shaved snow, in milk and fruit flavors, which are similar to other area dessert joints Iceskimo and Snoice.

On offer are several varieties, including a bowl with a milk base topped with peanut powder, red beans and mochi; a mango cheesecake bowl with mango and cheesecake cubes doused in mango syrup; a honeydew bowl with milk ice; and many different tea drinks, including trendy cheese foam-topped tea, boba tea and milk tea. -21°C Snowflake is open from noon to 12 a.m. every day of the week.