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The Bar Debuts in Liberty Station

Moniker Group adds cocktails to its coffee and shopping repertoire

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The Bar at Moniker General has opened, adding a cocktail bar to the multifaceted lifestyle group’s portfolio, which already includes a coffee shop, co-working space, event space and boutique.

It’s housed within Moniker General, where the group operates its coffee bar and clothing and home decor shop. The Bar’s inaugural menu features eight signature cocktails at $10 a pop, 20 beers by the bottle and can, frosé, 11 red wines and 11 white wines, including a smaller selection of bubbles.

Courtesy photo

Signature creations include the Black Jewel, which includes Tin Cup American Whiskey, lemon, blackberry cordial, Orleans bitters and mint, as well as the Sgt. Peppers Gimlet, which mixes gin, ginger lime cordial and cayenne pepper.

The Bar is open daily from 12:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and will eventually roll out daytime food offerings to include small appetizers and other bar snacks that will complement the new bar.