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New Sweet Shop Combines Ice Cream With Churros, Cookies, Doughnuts & More

Meet TREET Ice Cream Sandwiches

Readers alerted us to a new dessert store dropping into the Midway District. Scheduled to open within the next two weeks, TREET Ice Cream Sandwiches is owner Todd Bernard’s first foray into the food business. Bernard told Eater that he’s aiming to make his own mark in the frozen treats realm by offering unique takes on ice cream sandwiches made with cookies, brownies, churros, and doughnuts. All the cookies, brownies, and churros will be made in-house, with the churros fried to order; the doughnuts and all-natural ice cream are both sourced locally.

Available as mix and match sandwiches, with the choice of six to seven cookie varieties, two brownie variations, and a rotating selection of doughnuts, from warm apple fritters to cronut-inspired treats, the dozen ice cream flavors can also be scooped into bowls and topped with everything from caramel drizzle to strawberry syrup and candy pieces.Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, TREET will also offer cold brew coffee, ice cream by the scoop, and build-your-own milkshakes.

Treet Ice Cream Sandwiches

3960 W Point Loma Blvd , San Diego, California 92110