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Point Loma’s Getting Chinese-Style Small Plates

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Buns and dumplings are arriving soon

Several readers spotted a new sign on a Point Loma storefront and asked us to investigate. Taking the place of Westy’s Bar & Grill, an American pub at 1029 Rosecrans Street, is Shanghai Bun, a Chinese tapas bar. It slots in just up the block from Vietnamese bistro Seaside Pho & Grill.

The new ownership is currently remodeling the space, which will feature a full bar and a menu of Chinese regional small plates; expect to see the signature meat-filled buns of Shanghai, from thin-skinned steamed soup buns called xiao long bao to fluffy, crunchy-bottomed sheng jian bao. A rep for the restaurant told Eater that it will likely open in the next three to four weeks.

Shanghai Bun

1029 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92106, USA