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Sports Bar 1919 Ends Run in the Gaslamp

Prohibition, the bar below it, may also shutter

Gaslamp Speakeasy Reopens Alongside New Upscale Sports Bar

Upscale sports bar 1919, which opened in the Gaslamp in early 2016 after a long renovation, shuttered yesterday. A statement from the ownership group, which also runs other local establishments, reads:

“2016 was a challenging year for us. We are forever grateful to our hard-working staff and loyal customers. The Gaslamp neighborhood and community have been great to us. Although we endured many ups and downs in our business throughout the past few years, including a 15-month period just to get a building permit for the renovation, the regulatory hurdles and ever-increasing operating costs have unfortunately forced us to close 1919. This has not been an easy decision, but a very painful and necessary one. Thank you, everyone, for your support over the years.”

As for Prohibition, the basement speakeasy and live music venue that reopened during 1919’s launch and has long been one of this town’s top spots for craft cocktails, management is hoping to keep it in operation but the bar’s fate is still pending.

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