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Mexican-Inspired Meat Boutique & Truck Grills Steaks At Your Door

A mobile meat service hits the road

Bringing a slice of food culture from the Mexican state of Sonora to San Diego is Sonora Express Meat Boutique. Hitting the road this month, the concept is combination of a storefront (the "meat boutique") and mobile food truck; customers will be able to shop at Sonora's small meat shop in Plaza Bonita and take steaks home to cook, or schedule its kitchen on wheels to pull up to their homes to grill the steaks and serve them up with all the fixings.

Owner Roger Canez, who operated several restaurants in Tijuana, is teaming up with chef Badir Rodriguez (previously of El Agave in Del Mar) to run the mobile meat service inspired by many similar businesses in Sonora, where the region is famous for its grilled meats. For $12 to $30 a person, the food truck will park at homes and offices, where they'll cook up steaks, ranging in cuts from rib eye to top sirloin, and serve it with salsas, tortillas and sides. Beyond beef, it will also offer salmon, octopus, shrimp and vegetable plates.

Canez told Eater that he hopes to multiply the concept in other San Diego neighborhoods, putting other "meat boutique"/truck combos in areas including North Park, Poway and Mission Valley.