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Great Wow is Convoy's New Chinese Dumpling Depot

Watch the dumplings being made on-site

Joining the variety of regional Chinese cuisine on Convoy is Great Wow, whose menu is somewhat eclectic but centers around the staple food of Northern China — boiled dumplings. The spacious new eatery has a dedicated dumpling room, viewable from the dining area, where chefs are hand making the boiled dumplings and other steamed buns.

great wow dumplings

The thin-skinned, generously-stuffed boiled dumplings are the highlight of the soft opening menu, with fillings that range from shrimp, egg and Chinese chive to pork and celery. There are also Shanghainese soup buns, steamed buns filled with everything from kung pao chicken to mapo tofu, plus noodle dishes, soups, cold appetizers and a handful of entrees.

Great Wow

3860 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111, USA